Poll: Favorite weapon type in RE games?

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4 years ago#1
Pick one: - Results (44 votes)
31.82% (14 votes)
20.45% (9 votes)
Machine gun
4.55% (2 votes)
2.27% (1 votes)
Grenade Launcher
0% (0 votes)
22.73% (10 votes)
9.09% (4 votes)
9.09% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
My personal fav is the shotgun. Great for crowd control, pushes enemies back and keeps you safe, and gives you immense satisfaction when you blow zombie's heads off at close range.
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4 years ago#2
Handgun! That's why I loved Jill BSAA in 5
And Carla in 6.
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4 years ago#3
Code Veronica made me appreciate the awesomeness that is the knife.
4 years ago#4
The MOTHER****ING HANDCANNON from RE4. The sexiest weapon ever seen in a video game for me!!
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4 years ago#5
Handgun. I become Jack Bauer.
4 years ago#6
I love using machine guns in RE5, with Jill just spam the legs until enemy drops to the ground and follow up with a melee. Pistols are the way to go in RE6, especially the Picador, my personal favorite, great for setting up counters, has low critical hit ratio for easy melee kills, and can even be used as a boss killer for specific bosses in Mercenaries mode, such as the Napad in Steel Beast and Creature Workshop since they have relatively lower health than the one found in Urban Chaos.

I guess I can't vote since it really depends on which RE game, but since this is the RE6 board I guess I'll go with handgun =]
4 years ago#7
Shotgun and Mine thrower
Don't need sharingan to see this.
4 years ago#8
Umbrella's Minethrower, which appeared in RE3 & RE4.
4 years ago#9
kombat knife
4 years ago#10
Handgun. Mainly for the awesomeness that the SIG P226 was in RE 5. Really wish that gun was in 6.

Also really loved the STARS special edition Beretta in the early games.
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