Capcom, Please...!

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Because if you make a date you make a deadline.
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So, basically, they haven't even finished making them for PS3 yet?
They had two months to work on the modes, hell, they could've even worked on them along with the Xbox versions.
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DanteAwakenin posted...
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Hi, I'm Capcom.

hi, make good games again, bye.

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best response ive heard in a long time
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"I just don't see the reason for not announcing any date.
What is the point of holding off everything till the day before they plan to release them?"

Because it doesn't work the way you think. The final part of the approval process has to do with Sony, MS, etc., not with them. So they can't give you a date because they don't know it. In all likelihood, their own work is done, and has been for some time. In a sense, they are waiting just like you are.
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