I hate how they didn't use Alex Wesker in RE6..

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Shinji sent the series on the road to ruin.
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No HUNK is HUNK. We know what he looks like and he's been working for as long as Alex was making the immortality virus. (A great plot point and boss battle creator I might add).

Oh I had no idea we know what Alex looks like.

Great job ignoring the rest, shows how smart you are.

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Shinj Mikami next project is his final game he'll ever create. It'll probably play just like RE4

Thats a shame :/

Maybe walking while shooting.

Bethesda are the publisher for his game, It's the same company that published Skyrim and Fallout, First person shooters and open-worlded RPG games at the same time.

Shinji stated that he likes open-world games like GTA and Skyrim. If anything, I doubt his game will play like the classic RE games, It'll either play like RE4 or like Skyrim/Fallout but with survival horror elements.


So Zwei will be in FPS style?
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SamA7X posted...
I have no idea what Capcom was thinking with most of the storylines from RE4 onwards, its funny that Resident Evil 4 was the last game that Shinji Mikami had a hand in, when he left Capcom thats when RE started down the path of failure in my opinion. I think Capcom needs Shinji back to make RE what it once was, but we all know that will never happen :/

Considering Mikami just worked on BH1, It's Remake and BH4, the series is fine without him.
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edward18 posted...
Shinji sent the series on the road to ruin.

Don't worry, we know.

vitonemesis posted...
Considering Mikami just worked on BH1, It's Remake and BH4, the series is fine without him.

He probably had some minor input on the other games, but indeed you are correct. It's more just that Capcom has gone downhill in general than anything to do with Mikami himself.
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In all honesty I don't think the series has been that damaged, yes RE6 had some terrible design choices but it's not a bad game. I'm sure the series will continue to be good.