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I think this game is quite good (Archived)
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bybyr167/17 9:29PM
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Chapter 3 Piers (Archived)orderofmaken17/17 4:56PM
Tips for Mercenaries (I've read the FAQ) (Archived)
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ManjiSTP277/17 2:05PM
Help unlocking last Mercs costume (Archived)DDG250137/17 9:07AM
For people that got the LE of this game with Leon's jacket (Archived)skermac17/16 5:31AM
Would anyone else prefer a RE3 remake over an RE2 one? (Archived)
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KINGR1P367/15 11:43PM
Cheating in multiplayer (Archived)ManjiSTP67/15 11:01PM
Which Resident Evil Female Character Would You Date? (Archived)
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Help for anyone still needing medals/trophies that depend on other people (Archived)ManjiSTP87/15 2:47AM
can I just play ada campaign? (no spoiler please) (Archived)bybyr47/15 2:37AM
Best resident evil soundtrack? (Archived)
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Brunozayn197/15 2:30AM
Anyone play Mercenaries anymore? (Archived)Jokerrsss17/14 1:52PM
I personally enjoyed RE6 (Archived)
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Leon (re2) or Leon (re4) or leon (re6) (Poll)
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Brunozayn247/13 3:24PM
Least scariest classic RE games? (Poll)
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Dark__Throne147/13 2:30PM
if RE gaiden was canon... (spoiler for that game) (Archived)bybyr37/12 4:24PM
you know, the plot could have been much simpler if Sherry... (minor spoiler) (Archived)bybyr87/12 4:39AM
What is wrong today? (Archived)DDG250117/9 4:04PM
PSN Super Bundle (Archived)kevmac9987/9 4:00PM