Did Capcom use Fiona Belli from their game Haunting Ground as a model 4 Sherry?

#11sbn4Posted 2/19/2013 11:17:43 PM
Jill reminds me of Fiona and Sherry reminds me of Rebecca.

But Fiona >>> Sherry
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RE6 Sherry looks like Fiona to me. RE5 Jill does a little too.
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tevin1569 posted...
Bakyura posted...
I always thought she looked like newer Jill (Probably because of RE5 and blonde Jill...), but she actually does look a little like Sherry.

when I looked her up, she looks like Jill in some pics but Sherry in most.



I'm guesing Capcom used the same artist. Has anyone actually played Haunting Ground and how is it compared to RE series?
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i loved Haunting Ground, but it's really the successor to Clock Tower 3 (but much better). It's about running and hiding, not fighting (although you can kick). Typically, there's only one enemy in any area, but they'll destroy you.

it's a very different pace. It's also very themed on Argento-style horror (think Suspiria), so the art, music, and story are very different as well.
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