Which Resident Evil character do you relate to the most?

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Which of the characters from the Resident Evil universe do you relate to the most? - Results (67 votes)
Chris Redfield- Strong, dutiful, believes in team work, a natural leader.
8.96% (6 votes)
Leon Kennedy- Very protective, slightly naive, befriends others effortlessly.
16.42% (11 votes)
Claire Redfield- Confident, loving, has strong maternal instincts.
8.96% (6 votes)
Jill Valentine- Strong, intelligent, self sacrificing (in order to protect friends/loved ones).
5.97% (4 votes)
Jake Muller(Pre RE6)- Loner, distrusting of others, believes in inner/own strength.
20.9% (14 votes)
Helena Harper- Strong, very protective of family, has a short fuse.
5.97% (4 votes)
Piers Nivens- Confident, has faith in friends/teammates, perfers brain over brawn.
7.46% (5 votes)
Ada Wong- Intelligent, calculating, confident, a loner.
13.43% (9 votes)
Barry Burton- Kind, caring, adores family.
4.48% (3 votes)
Other- Any other character you like that wasen't on this list.
7.46% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
The RE universe has introduced many protagonists (and antagonists) thought it's lifespan, each having specific character traits. Forgoing their near superhuman combat abilities and based solely on their personality traits, which RE character do you feel you relate to the most? I Personally relate to Leon Kennedy more then anyone else. I have always been protective of my friends and family, and have been naturally able to befriend almost anyone with ease. I can also be a bit think-headed/naive at times (although that happens less frequently now that I am an adult). I also happen to have studied Tae Kwon Do, which is Leon's preferred fighting style (I studied it in college and love practicing it).

So what about you guys/gals? Feel free to explain why you feel you connect with a certain character or if you character is not on the poll, click "other" and drop a line describing which RE character you relate with the most and why. I'm looking forward to hearing what you RE 6 board members think!
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Its a mix between barry and jill
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HUNK: loyal to my employers, loner unless with a team, and could care less about others when something else is far more important.
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Krauser..... if I ever work out enough I'm so going as him for Halloween.
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#5SolidStryderPosted 2/19/2013 10:48:36 PM
Albert Wesker. Psychotic/possibly completely insane with aspirations of world domination/destruction, and I pretty much only try to make friends because that's the only way I can betray them. I'm pretty hardcore bro
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@ CPU-Z: ..so cold >.>

I like to think I'm most like Rebecca. I like to help in any way possible, I'm somewhat intelligent, although I can be a bit of a derp at times [OH!! OH NOOO!!! XD] I'm interested in the medical field, might even pursue a job medically related one day, and am a pretty positive, down to earth individual =]
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I sympathize most with Chris and his plight. I was also AD Air Force as well.

But from the list probably Jill.
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#8RKOLegend1Posted 2/20/2013 12:27:02 AM
Definitely Leon. Protective, befriend people easily, and am a bit naive sometimes : P
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Defly Rasklapanje...I'm always trying to impregnate people and extremely hard to die
#10DegalonPosted 2/20/2013 2:29:39 AM
Oddly enough, Cindy Lennox.

I can't stop myself from doing my best to keep a smile on and doing what I can to help people.
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