How much money has everyone spent on RE6 so far?

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User Info: skermac

4 years ago#1
I pre-ordered it at full price, downloaded all DLC except Predator and did not buy the strategy guide. I have over $70 invested so far.

User Info: DestinyKnot

4 years ago#2

-Rail Yard
-The Catacombs
-Map Pack A
-Map Pack B

I pre-ordered it from Amazon so I got High Seas Fortress for free, but I guess with shipping charges it's a bit higher than the price listed above. >.<;

User Info: xphoenixonx

4 years ago#3
I bought on xbox and ps3 and bought all dlcs on both
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User Info: Spade59

4 years ago#4


User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#5
Let see.

Full game (Include 3 DLCs Maps code)
Map Stage A
Map Stage B

Lazy to say the price since my price isn't US.

Siege mode, I can't wait...
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User Info: hugaddict

4 years ago#6
Exactly $59.99.
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User Info: PyroSpark

4 years ago#7
Game + all
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User Info: IlDanko

4 years ago#8
67... And i don't plan to spend more on it unless it is story dlc or a jill/claire bundle for mercs
Forza Milan
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User Info: occman

4 years ago#9
4 USA . Resident Evil 6
1 UK SteelBook Edition . Resident Evil 6
1 Asian Cover . Resident Evil 6
^ All Sealed & Brand New.

1 PSN Game . Resident Evil 6

+ All . Mercenaries Maps (( Solo Offline ))
0 . MP Mode DLCs (( Thinking about picking Up Predator Mode ... IDK ))

So more than you...

User Info: goku4ever03

4 years ago#10
1251.56 ($1898.05)

Leather Jacket Edition - 899
Collector's Edition 129.99
No Hope Left Edition - 89.97
DSO T-Shirt Edition - 79.99
Steelbook Edition - 39.99
Onslaught Game Mode - 3.19
Predator Game Mode 3.19
Survivors Game Mode - 3.19
Stage Map Pack A - 1.59
Stage Map Pack B - 1.59
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