This game is cheaper than RE:ORC

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User Info: Aaron_G

4 years ago#11
I'd suggest both, but if you had to choose, RE6. It has WAYYYYYY more content than ORC.

ORC was a great game, but it was definitely lacking in story and offline content. :/
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User Info: ZGMF_600_Guaiz

4 years ago#12
It depends:

If you prefer playing campaign mode, then RE6 is probably a better option.

If you prefer multiplayer modes, RE:ORC is the way to go.

User Info: djepic112

4 years ago#13
ORC is REALLY bad. It really plays and looks like a budget title.

User Info: Jarred623

4 years ago#14
Ryan-06 posted...
Get RE6 tc.

Cheaper..? How much and what store? or was it online. I used to shop on Amazon alot. Generally price drops happen there first. Good deal.

It's cheaper on the PSN.
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User Info: kakarotozero

4 years ago#15
orc is so short and with a lot of glitches
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