Dead space 3 is way better than this game...

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No. I didn't listen, and I'm not posting here right now.

Typical Hawke0
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Nah bro, DS 1 definitely is better than 4. 2 is....ehhhh....still good but not as good as 1.....3....stay the hell away from it since it is more or less RE5 except in a space ship/snowy area.

This is probably the first time I've disagreed with you.
KingVi3 posted...
Dead space 3 suck.
Control is wack. Make your own guns? Still wack
Not even scary. Only P#$%@ are scare

No games are scary. Really, it's 'scarier' than RE6 - as if that's saying something.

Get back to the call of duty wii u boards ya poo nose.

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