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3 years ago#1
Which of these two do you favor?

Does your favorite of the two share the characteristics of any of the influential male figures in your own personal lives? (Examples: Father, Step-Father, Grandfather, Step-Grandfather, Brother, Husband, Boy Friend, or any other male role model that has effected your life in a positive way.)

This is not a versus topic! It's not about which character is better. It's about who you personally prefer, which is an opinion, and if either of the male protagonist reminds you of male role models in your own lives.

Thank you for your input!
3 years ago#2
they should make out in front of ada and jill
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3 years ago#3
Trying to give them ideas?

Oh come on Basement Dude! I'm trying to have a serious topic here! Haha! 100 Huggies for you!
3 years ago#4
Chris reminds me of my step Dad, he has this kind nature most of the time but he has his moments were you feel like when hes in a bad mood you had better leave him to it or you might just get a boulder to the face :p

But I actually Prefer Leon over Chris, I like his attitute were he can still crack off jokes even when things are looking grim, I've noticed in RE6 when Piers is trying to make jokes Chris always gets serious and tells him to be quiet, Can't beat a good sence of humour :)
3 years ago#5
i'm showing love to both characters
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3 years ago#6
Ada. Because duh!!
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3 years ago#7
Chris and stop using them all the time.
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3 years ago#8
Leon. But I don't want to see all of them in the next sequel.
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3 years ago#9
Influential male figures... Yeah.. I didn't had that... So i'll go with jill.. Or maybe claire

But between those 2... Chris
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3 years ago#10
chris cause he reminds me of my dad (RIP)..
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