POLL. Most tragic plot event in the series (major spoilers)

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sbn4 posted...
I don't think anyone ever gets used to watching people die. You might get de-sensitized. But in the long run, I feel that it affects you negatively no matter what.

Of course it does, but I believe that's how it's supposed to be.

I understand why they(devs) made all the stuff to Chris - to make him more human et cetera...
(I actually approve the idea, though I despise it's realization in this game)
Thing is - in reality any soldier who will act in that manner(especially the ones in charge)
would be sent back home immediately, without the chance to ever be reinstated.

I know that it's just a video game chars and one shouldn't judge them
as if they were real people... blah-blah-blah...

I'm just bored at work so I'm giving my thoughts/opinion on the matter that's all
I never said that my word is gospel of holy truth, right?))
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To wrap this up; Piers turning into a J'avo obviously gets most votes by far (again kudos to Capcom for making compelling moments) followed by Lisa Trevor and Helena's sorrow (that struck us because of amazing voice acting).

.....and Luis gets a few votes after all!
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Piers i agree with..

Glad to see Wesker's death is not on here as he didn't die.

It wasn't a sad death, it was a well deserved death that came late. that is why it wasn't on the poll.
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