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3 years ago#1
Makes me miss the classic game-play of the early Resident Evil Series. Couldn't find myself playing this game for more than an hour; as well as Resident evil 5 and 4.
3 years ago#2
I myself prefer the old gameplay style too, I actually liked the tank controls and dodgey camera angles, it made it seem more creepy not knowing what was ahead. RE4, 5 and 6 aren't bad games in my opinion, I would just rather play a game that's more based about survival and not full blown action, That's why I think The Last of Us looks pretty epic, can't wait for that game :)
3 years ago#3
The classic games are still there when you want to play them, unless you sold them or something..>.>
The new games aren't all that bad, give them another try, and change your mindset, so expect action adventure, and not horror =]
3 years ago#4
Very true. I still have my RE collection, i will most likely set it up and return to my generation lol. But unfortunately, Capcom screwed us over with the Outbreak series by shutting down the online servers. I understand why in a business point of view, but it's not fair to the customer because that game was all about online play and main reason i had purchased it back when they were $50.
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