Online Events - Pax Aeterna (EX3 costume unlock event)

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The final score is 106941. And I am in #297 (previously #279)
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Sooo, when do we get our tickets?
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Oh yeah! Good work guys! It was a hard fight for everyone. But we did it.

They didn't count any of my kills!!! I sync the data and nada.... D:

Hmm, well that sucks. It says I got my 1 kill. Perhaps it updated later. You got it now?

I killed her 3 times. Sync my data...and not at all. It says none, They event is closed and this is dumb...

Well the only thing I could think of is that you were playing as Ada and did not go into the elevator to 'save' your kill.

O.o. Damn...I just quit after it quick saved.
I also played as Leon and beat the chapter and it didn't count....I'm so upset... EX3 why do you give me these feels!?!?
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RubyHairedJin posted...
Sooo, when do we get our tickets?

12th of March 18:00 JST
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So, my score of 156 got me 62nd place. Not bad.
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#236WhitevicePosted 3/14/2013 6:52:23 AM
I never got my ticket. But I participated. Anyone else having this problem?