Favorite RE6 Boss Spoilers

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Bump it up.
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Debbie because of her curves. Hawt.
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It's Ubistvo x__-
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Derek... Because I love challenging.
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Iluzija for me. Brings back fond memories.
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Wow people actually liked that lame thing Ustanak?
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DebOrah all the way
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MrHayes77 posted...
Carla Radames was a poor ass excuse for a boss.

Carla is the very definition of a mind-f***.

Over-think it, i.e start looking for the standard weakspot, or any shoot-this-to-open-up-that-weakspot etc... and you can actually get stuck here for a VERY long time.

This is GENIUS boss design, especially as you only get to her after being conditioned to look for weak-spots in the other campaigns.
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carla and deborah should wrestle
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