RESIDENT EVIL: Operation ________

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During RE Revelations.
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aFriendofaDevil posted...
Resident Evil: Operation Edonia

During RE6 events in China.
Claire Redfield is searching the ruins of Edonia in attempt to find her brother Chris, who is said to be missing. Gamplay and controls would be the same as RE6 just with better designed enemies -no J'avos pweeze-

Poor Claire. All she spends her life doing is looking for her brother.
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Events during Code Veronica could be interesting. You could assume the role of one of Wesker's "men" who stormed Alfred's island. Only up the polish of the game, and have some nice tie ins to the mains story.
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Non canon entries are awesome, it allows them to do whatever they want and not expect to sell as much as the main titles. If its non canon, the story could be about aliens, and it wouldn't matter since its non canon.
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