agent >>>>>>>>>>>>&g t;>>>> hunk

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3 years ago#1
his suit is better.
3 years ago#2
But HUNK has a unique skill that the agent will never master:

-He can open doors!

Mind-blowing, isn't it?
3 years ago#3
Agent Can TELEPORT, Nuff said
"A good essay is like a mini skirt its long enough to cover all the important stuff but still short enough to keep you interested"---
3 years ago#4
That's nothing. BSAA rookie has all of Ada, Chris, Leon, Jake, Sherry, Helena and Pier's skills.
The Muse and the Painter
3 years ago#5
oh silly me i meant to hit the <<<<<<<<<<<< key. they got them so close together i sometimes get confused. <_>
3 years ago#6
Agent doesn't have the notorious title: Mr. Death
3 years ago#7
number of e-huggies received today: 72
number of e-huggies wanted daily: 1,000,000 total e-huggies received: 342,499,490
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