so,I watched Retribution and I wanted to ask one thing

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3 years ago#1
yeah,the movie was crap.Can't say I expected anything different,though(but now they are simply recycling the plots of the previous movies,not mentioning the plot-holes and retcons...)but what they did to Barry was completely unforgivable...
Anyway,what I wanted to ask is,I have been reading around that Ada's actress was actually dubbed over by Sally Cahill,Ada's original voice-actress in the games until being replaced for good in RE6,is that true?
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3 years ago#2
Yes. Its true, regarding Barry, it's OK.
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3 years ago#3
My only question was why wasn't Ada the star of that movie.

If they dubbed her voice they must have some VERY sophisticated software but you can not tell looking at her lips move. I like the movie, saw it twice, I think it's better than all the others, except the first one was close to being liked. I just don't care for Alice that much.

Retribution is much more watchable with a good sound system with the bass kicked up so you can hear the guns and explosions properly.
3 years ago#4
You watched it? My condolences.
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3 years ago#5
Really?wow,given that these guys simply don't seem to care to make the movies feel like the games,it was a nice of them to actually bring a voice-actress from the game to dub over her character.
By the way,Richard Waugh(Wesker's voice in Code Veronica,Zero,and RE4.)audictioned for the role of that douchebag producer from Afterlife before Kim Coates took over,imagine the irony if he was casted given how he dies in that movie...
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3 years ago#6
My movie was free. I bought groceries and when I saw the reciept I wasnt charged for the movie but I got double charged for one bag of doritos. I wasnt go back to fix that mess.
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  3. so,I watched Retribution and I wanted to ask one thing

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