best 2 re games of all times.

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User Info: UnknownWin

3 years ago#1
post yours.

mines are re4 and re:orc hehe.

User Info: edward18

3 years ago#2
Code Veronica and Remake.
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User Info: Coryo61827

3 years ago#3
Resident evil 2, remake, and code Veronica. I couldn't pick just 2, lol.
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User Info: slapper1

3 years ago#4
My foot, your ass. But seriously, RE 2 and Remake.
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User Info: Gauller

3 years ago#5
edward18 posted...
Code Veronica and Remake.

User Info: Neutron15

3 years ago#6
REmake Zero 3
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User Info: lopy81

3 years ago#7
Code Veronica and REmake
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User Info: moonlithunter

3 years ago#8
REmake, RE2 and RE4

Pick one of those and call it a tie....
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User Info: ZGMF_600_Guaiz

3 years ago#9
REmake and Code Veronica.

Special mentions goes to RE4 for being the best of the new style RE games, RE: Online/Outbreak for being the most ambitious (with the original intent to have 20 scenarios) and RE:ORC for its multiplayer mode.

User Info: Sunburst

3 years ago#10
REmake and RE4.
There can be only one.
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