Ada's campaign should have been a DLC add-on

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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

3 years ago#11
this is possibly the dumbest post ive seen all week

User Info: shagohad3

3 years ago#12
So your saying that because it has a challenge it shouldn't have been i the game? Whats the sense in that?
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User Info: KCJ5062

3 years ago#13
Not sure if serious...

User Info: F150II

3 years ago#14
Ada's campaign being included and NOT paid DLC is what pushed me to buy it day one. I heavily enjoyed Assignment Ada in RE4, so that was the character I wanted to see more of.

EDIT: Also, I believe most people voted No, because you're question is the opposite of your topic title. Almost fooled me, in fact.

User Info: WWP7

3 years ago#15
No, it should not.
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User Info: D_Lewis21

3 years ago#16
DimentioXIII posted...
On-disc DLC is what we're trying to avoid...

Speak for yourself. The poll says otherwise.
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User Info: gamestop27

3 years ago#17
Go the f*** outta here. Ada's campaign was the best for me and I'm glad I didn't have to wait half a year or pay more than 60 bucks to play it. You have bad ideas, don't ever make another thread.
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User Info: caffiend7

3 years ago#18
You're why the industry is going to crash
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User Info: Sunburst

3 years ago#20
Leon and Ada's campaigns are the best. I would not have bought RE6 if Ada's campaign was not included and available from start. And being solo isn't a bad thing.
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  3. Ada's campaign should have been a DLC add-on

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