Carla, a fan favorite?

#41siberian142Posted 4/6/2013 11:05:28 AM(edited)
whackyq posted...
Carla has good loadout? I thought she starts with a picador (which is great) and a nitrogen grenade launcher which you get no ammo for? I think racecar piers and short-shorts sherry are better

In mercenaries, she starts with a picador, one of the best handguns in the game that is very easy to use, and a grenade launcher that has six explosive rounds, twelve acid rounds, six nitrogen rounds and six health tablets. While she doesn't get additional ammo for her grenade launcher, she doesn't even need it. The ammo she starts off with is more than enough to get through a round because her handgun can be used to deal with most of the enemies, her acid rounds can be used to rapidly set up coup de graces on some maps, her explosive rounds can decimate bosses, and her nitrogen rounds can deal with some problem enemies. Her loadout is one of the most well rounded and powerful in the game if you don't spam her grenade launcher.

I am not sure how she measures up in the other modes, but I imagine her loadout would still be good.