Albert Wesker Voice Actor, D.C. Douglas making a movie based on Albert Wesker!

#1sabrestormPosted 4/6/2013 1:30:39 PM
This is so awesome!!

"Actor and voice over artist, D.C. Douglas, arrives on the set of the sci-fi thriller, “Apocalypse Kiss,” today to film the lead role of Adrian, a narcissistic serial killer with OCD.

Douglas landed the role because the writer/director of the film, Christian Grillo, and co-star, Carmela Hayslett, are fans of his voice over work in the “Resident Evil” videogame franchise. Douglas became popular among the fan base for his portrayal of über boss, Albert Wesker.

“I asked Christian if he thought it would be a neat idea to create Adrian, in part, as an homage to Wesker,” Douglas says, “since it’s the character that inspired him to cast me in the role. He was tickled by the idea.”

“Also,” Douglas adds, “my fans have been dying to see me cos-play Wesker for three years!”
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AWESOMESAUCE! Can't wait to see it!
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