capcom became a resident of evil and they went deep down.

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Sunburst posted...
In and of itself online co-op isn't really a problem. But I suspect we lost content due to online co-op. I also suspect the graphics took a hit in order to support online co-op. As far as replay value goes, IMO RE4 has the most replay value of any RE game so far with its very addictive Mercs. Even after unlocking the HC, I kept wanting to play to improve my high scores.

4 had the best campaign out of all the modern Resident Evil games, while 5 had the best Mercenaries mode hands down..also the graphics are amazing in 5, beautiful game. =]

I hope the future games are more like 4 'n' Revelations, epic single player campaigns, and co-op only included in Mercenaries, or raid modes..that is my wish. XD
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RE6 sucks now. I'll just get DEEP DOWN for PS4! Woo ^_^
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To each his own, but the only reason I continue to play RE5 Mercs is because I love playing as Battlesuit Jill. But nothing beats neckbreaking with HUNK in RE4. RE6's Agent should have been HUNK.
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I just don't like how melee kills do nothing in 4's Mercenaries mode, except conserve ammo..adding time to the clock in 5 with melee kills was a brilliant move by Capcom. XP

6's Mercenaries mode is overrated, though, I'd take 4's over that. XD