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User Info: GiveMeSomeVodka

4 years ago#21
icantsee posted...
sbn4 posted...
To me if I want to play headhot melee, I will play RE5 instead (which is the better Mercs). Headshot/melee is way too slow in RE6. RE6 Mercs is only fun to me when you build a rhythm of CDGs or counters. Its very jarring and irritating when the dumbest thing messes you up.

You should do the headshot +7 sec melee. It almost feels like RE5 Mercs. But it's kinda tricky to do. However, it has benefits, especially with a character like Leon. It can result in a bunch of multi-kills in a crowd.

leg stuns are easier for me to get the + 7 secs. i usually do these when i'm holding the hidden boss because i think it's very risky to wait for a counter unless it's a bloodshot. i used to hate bloodshots, now dogs and magnum zombies are #1 on my s*** list.

User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#22
Yeah, but countering on zombie stages make more sense. No stamina loss, more time built and no ammo used. And I find it hard to get more than 2 J'avos with CDGs.

And another reason for me to hate Mercs. Doing a MtD run with default Ada solo. Had great time and was saving the secret boss. At around 110 there were no enemies. Luckily, a fireman zombie falls near me. As I get ready to shoot him. I get hit from a magnum zombie at a range that would make a Marine Force Recon sniper blush. Then I get bounced around by the boss' needles, and then another .357 round to kill my combo.
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