the evil within vs all modern re games combined.

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sbn4 posted...
To be perfectly fair, FF does a pretty good job at creating a believable atmosphere and I can definitely see why some people might find it scary. But most of the scares come from the pre-rendered backgrounds changing suddenly and then a ghost appearing all of sudden around a corner with loud music or a creepy voice chiming in at the same time. It kind of gets a bit predictable. I agree there isn't a particular winner in the survival horror market, but it is commonly agreed upon that Resident Evil was the most popular or successful.

And you are talking about generic alpha male syndrome. I'm also tired of seeing the same few brain dead characters overused in fighting games online.

And I don't think RE6's problem was that it was too action oriented. It tried too many things and did none of them all that well. The survival horror section started out well and fools you into thinking that it is old school. But it turns into an action game with dumb/slow zombies and other silly scenarios that no human could survive. Chris' section is more suited for the game. But the controls are not well made for an action game. Its actually kind of pathetic compared to something like GoW3. And I somewhat liked Chris' campaign. Jake's campaign just sucks. They needed to focus on just one thing instead of what they did with RE6.

If this game does do the genre justice, I hope people take notice. I just feel this game will get overlined by other streamlined titles.

Not even close. Everyone who knows anything about survival horror knows that RE is the least scariest survival horror, the lamest, the one with the least atmosphere, and with the most action. old RE was popular not because it was scary or creepy but because busting zombie heads were cool. Notice how CoD is a million times stronger than RE? Funny, talking about CoD, RE was basically the CoD of survival horror, the one with the most action, the most popular, yet one of the worst of the market. I'm tired of seeing noobs to SH consider RE scary because they were children when they played it. Fatal Frame destroys RE in every category, atmosphere, weaker characters, no guns flying, music, tension etc. Pretty much any topic in where you ask what was the scariest horror game to people who have played beyond just the two most popular (Silent Hill and Resident Evil) will either say Fatal Frame or Amnesia with a few Silent Hills around. Resident Evil is a joke. Theif's asylum level is scarier than that. Hell, LUIGI'S MANSION had more atmosphere than Resident Evil ever did. Luigi's mansion actually had above laughably horrible voice acting. Basically the only people who consider RE scary at all were children or people who secretly just enjoyed busting zombie heads like CoD/rant