feelng fatigued after chris chapter 3

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User Info: SectionX2

3 years ago#1
i just wanted it to end, this isnt any fun anymore.

User Info: Cartwheel_Kick

3 years ago#2
I kinda felt that way as well
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User Info: DestinyKnot

3 years ago#3
Lol, yeah..that chapter was torture for me as well.
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User Info: GiveMeSomeVodka

3 years ago#4
i felt that way at certain parts of the game too. like fighting simmons, jake's chapter 4 and ada's chapter 3.

chris's chapter 3 also dragged itself too a little bit. after the snake boss. then there's the vehicle segment. which isn't as bad as the jake's snow mobile or jake's bike, but it just took a lot of time.

User Info: Syn_Vengeance

3 years ago#5
chris has the best campaign in my opinipn bit chapter 3 does drag out alot. though all the parts with the snake i thought were incredible..

User Info: polarkuma16

3 years ago#6
yeah I mean Chris Chapter 3 almost has the same length as Leon Chapter 1 and 2, too many things thrown at that Chapter like the helicopter and snake boss and chasing Carla.

User Info: MallyPureSmooth

3 years ago#7
Now that you mention it, chapter 3 does drag on for quite a bit. I didn't notice at first because of how disappointed I was with how anti-climatic the final fight with the snake was.
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  3. feelng fatigued after chris chapter 3

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