Your favourite RE quote ever?

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3 years ago#21
It's in my sig.
More and more, I find myself wondering if it's all worth fighting for...for a future without fear...yeah, it's worth it. (Chris Redfield)
3 years ago#22
AlbertWesker999 posted...

Gotta laugh at his reaction to it after a man just shredded his arm to pieces :L
XBL ID:dandaman1992
3 years ago#23
Archiantagonist posted...
Itchy. Tasty.
"Women don't stay in the kitchen to make sandwiches."
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3 years ago#24
"You'll pay for what you've done!" Billy Coen, RE0

"Ada, Adaaaaaaaaaaaa" Leon, RE2 (lot's of emotion and the music added to that line"

"And your going to judge us? do you get all of your ideas from comic book villains?" Chris, RE5.

"Has it never occurred to you that this planet is overpopulated? Only a handful of humans truly matter. Everyone else is just so much chaff. So now, I have to separate this chaff from the wheat." Wesker, RE5 (long ass quote, but the way he spoke it was awesome).

"PIERSSSSSSSSS" Chris, RE6 (tons of emotion here, which adds to the scene).
When facing a zombie apocalypse, don't join up with a group. Why? Because you'll end up blowing your own head off due to all the pointless drama caused within.
3 years ago#25
You will give me a(n) /can of first aid spray/herb/egg!
3 years ago#26
Intrepidity. Courtesy. Illusions. Until the end. Until the end.
Someone invite me back to the That's What She Said board. =(
3 years ago#27
LEON . . . .HELP!!!!
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3 years ago#28
GLADI_ATOR posted...
LEON . . . .HELP!!!!

3 years ago#29
XBL ID:dandaman1992
3 years ago#30
"Complete global saturation!" by Wesker
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