Favorite Resident Evil melee attacks

#1Nathbuds123Posted 4/26/2013 5:31:15 AM
What are your favorite melee attacks in the franchise?
Mine are:

Barry's Hurricane
Chris's Haymaker
Helena's Dropkick
#2parkourboybryanPosted 4/26/2013 6:08:47 AM
Sheva's Body Slam
Jill's DKD and Head Grab
Claire's Leg Kick
Jessica's Axe Kick
Excella's Disco Spin and Flatter

I just think that the women have more badass Melee attacks than the men.
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#3edward18Posted 4/26/2013 6:37:07 AM
None. They shouldn't have any.
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#4dragon7x2kPosted 4/26/2013 7:14:49 AM
Every Wesker move, specially from 4. Making ganados fly with a palm strike was too much fun.
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#5SolidStryderPosted 4/26/2013 7:48:58 AM
Chris' falcon punch.

edward18 posted...
None. They shouldn't have any.

#6SSJ_JinPosted 4/26/2013 8:06:05 AM
Billy's dropkick
Wesker's RE4 Thrust Punch
Hunk necksnap
Leon bulldog
Piers melee from the back, whatever the move is called
Chris' RE5 backhand
Leon suplex
Helena's people's elbow
#7ArchiantagonistPosted 4/26/2013 8:19:27 AM
RE 6: Chris's melee with knife from behind during heavy stun - Throat-slitting
#8Keroro_2350Posted 4/26/2013 9:39:24 AM
Helena's Double Dropkick and Elbow Drop
Jill's Flip Kick and Cartwheel Kick
Sherry's Roundhouse Kick, Stunrod Ground Melee and Shoulder Jump Kick.
Ada's head stun melee
#9DestinyKnotPosted 4/26/2013 11:49:23 AM
Rebecca's Flame Spray, Stun Gun, and Head Cracker
Sheva's Double Fang
Claire's Neck Kick
Barry's Miranda Rights
#10Cartwheel_KickPosted 4/26/2013 11:54:00 AM
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