I thought RE6 was the worst RE game, but then I played Code Veronica.

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CV was probably the best old school RE along with REmake, just because you suck at a game, doesn't make it bad
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dsar901 posted...
CV was probably the best old school RE along with REmake, just because you suck at a game, doesn't make it bad

So just because I think a game is bad it means I suck at it?

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I disagree, but hey, opinions.
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I remember how I felt when I went to replay Code Veronica and was like meh. It was only good when I first played it on Dreamcast. Kinda like how D was only good that first time.

In hindsight this must be how people feel when I tell them I don't like RE4.

Also Gears of Duty 6 is good.
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Code Veronica is great because you get to control Claire for the half game but it was really hard because the ammo were really less and enemies are a lot and hard to kill. The problem with Code Veronica is Claire face is strange and looks like a cat during gameplay, if you look at her face when controlling her, look for a place where the camera is facing her, her face is really strange .
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*puts a cigarette between the TC's toes and lights it*
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This was one of favorites. Only things I didn't like was Steve and Alfred.
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CV is great if you are used to playing it over and over again like me
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Code Veronica is f***ing great. Story, characters, music, gameplay, puzzles, bosses.....

The only problem with CV was the replay. But even then there was things to do. Like unlock the rocket launcher and play through the battle game or even try to clear the game with a knife.

I don't know why people hate Steve. He's a bit annoying when you first meet him. But he does some pretty badass s***. Like diving through the window with golden lugers and taking out that bandersnatch as well as smashing Alfred several times.

I honestly think Steve gets the most undeserved hate of the series.

And Alfred and Alexia were awesome villains.
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You use guns when fighting zombies? Lol
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