No Hope + Pistol Only?

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3 years ago#1
I was getting my ass completely handed to me by that tank part with Sherry. Though I usually fair pretty well on that part, I realized how hard it was without all of my weapons. I only had my handgun, shottie, and rifle, and the shottie and rifle were extremely low on ammo. Then I thought, "Is No Hope even possible with handgun only???"

Has anyone attempted this challenge? :-/
3 years ago#2
- NO!

(I really hope anyone playing No Hope knows what I'm referring to lol)

But in all seriousness if anybody tries this I hope they record it (of course anyone can grind up a few F-AID sprays and over 200 HG bullets so the real challenge would be doing it NEW GAME+ DONT Transfer weapons
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3 years ago#3
chapter 3 is possible even with her paralizer alone a friend of mine
3 years ago#4

This guy recently attempted it, but only on Professional...
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