What I would like for the next game...

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Safer_777 posted...
1)Remove all QTE's.Nobody likes them.

As far as RE6 is concerned, just turn them off on the options. Takes all of 3 seconds and no thought.
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#12Safer_777(Topic Creator)Posted 5/2/2013 2:03:20 PM
12)When playing online in co-op campaign add a pause.It would work like this:Every player has 3 pauses per chapter and each pause can last only 30 seconds.That way you can go at the bathroom or talk to the phone at least.
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Better(significantly) story + option to play alone(no partner) is all I want for the new game...
Everything else was fine by me
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1) i guess both real survival horror style and action pack...for me its nice to see real survival horror....at the same I also appreciate action pack like battling running zombies and mutated creatures

2) they should make skills more interesting...lets say for Jake, they can add some special moves that you can unlock....for sherry, a special skill that can heal her wounds....for guns/weapons, we should at least see the gun improves in detail, like in lara croft 2013...

3) chris, jill, leon, claire, ada etc.....they're quite getting old...I mean their age in the series....i hope capcom can make something best of these characters before they retire or something

4) there are still quite villains left in the series...i hope they can bring them back...as well as other protagonist and supporting characters

5) REsident evil 5 - NDIPAYA tribe ANCIENT HISTORY...i hope they can make a game or DLC on this...this is still a mystery to me...this is about the king who ruled for hundreds of years, i think he became immortal or something...and eventually the tribe abandoned their kingdom due to what??? could be an outbreak or something...a nice approach to make survival horror on this since you'll be using melee weapons...this is ancient history
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13)Remove all specific boss sequences.What I mean is,you see a boss and you shoot him until he dies.No running to escape,no using specific strategies,no using the environment.Just shoot.
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RE5 had it pretty good. Then came RE6, which was a yes/no to RE5...
(Still making my list. Here's what I've come up with...)

-Quick Shot

-Added remote bomb, but took away proximity mine
-Added function to calling partner, but now unable to set AI partner's "mode"
-Characters have more-or-less unique weapons, but additional weapons are too few.
-Looser controls allow more/better action (=sliding/ramming/dodging), but now unable to pivot in place, which allowed unparalleled circle-walking around corners in RE5

-Weapons lack upgrading
-Shop is gone.
-QTE spinner speed is just ludicrous.
-RE5>RE6 went the way of Dead Island with the Stamina Bar.
-Almost everything about Chris's jeep chase. And the brakes were pointless to even put in.
-Mercenaries. Initially limited to Leon's Urban Chaos stage; you need to complete Jake and Chris's campaigns to unlock their respective stage (total=3), in turn, B-ranking them to unlock their respective partner. And there's more stages available via DLC...
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For me NO CO-OP that's all
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