All resident evil main characters seem to be superhuman

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3 years ago#11
its all thanks to Alice and Anderson Movies, Capcom didn't wanted to have Alice as the "stronger" character in the franchise over the canon ones so they made canon ones even better.

I hardly see Alice doing what Ada Wong did in RE4, neigther Leon in RE4 and hardly see Alice doing what Jill did in RE5!
3 years ago#12
game logic
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3 years ago#13
edward18 posted... what? What's animation or technology have to do with "superhumaning" the characters?

You're still missing the point? Whatever.
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3 years ago#14
They all got booster shots of Aya Brea's blood.
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3 years ago#15
I don't remember many user names from all my time on here, but I remember you, Shinobier even after all these years. The hack n slash king, the one who dared a God of War God Mode Clone Battle with no upgrades!

You're the superhuman one. I bow down to thee.
3 years ago#16
Maybe they simply weren't hit that hard or their equipment took some of the damage for them. In Damnation, not Degeneration, the Tyrant gave Leon an upwards punch. Strong as they are, upward punches can never be as strong as a regular one. Though I do agree that the recovery rate is a little much, if it weren't that way, you'd be looking at either a game where the main characters get through with barely a scratch, or where they die from the first hit they take.
3 years ago#17
With the force that Leon was flung by the G in Degeneration he would be broken, same thing with his spine would've been snapped by the T-103 slamming him into the pillar in Damnation.
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3 years ago#18
In Leon's campaign how many times did they fell out of the vehicles?Too many to count.Also another strange thing is that they are immune to zombie infection.I mean they can inhale the gas from Lepotita and zombies bite them but they never get infected.
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3 years ago#19
It's all just a mass of gameplay mechanics. If you look at some cutscenes in RE5, the bullets are indeed stronger than any melees.
3 years ago#20
In Damnation, not Degeneration

Right. Stupid D-ation titles.
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  3. All resident evil main characters seem to be superhuman

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