*SPOILERS!* Anyone else irritated by how Ada was portrayed here?

#51KonaseRitsukoPosted 5/4/2013 4:54:36 AM
Turducken posted...
Damn, did 6 get anything right?

RE6 was successful at being the worst main RE game.
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#52Dark_EpathyPosted 5/4/2013 2:40:56 PM
I thought Leon's climax climbing up the office building was pretty cool. The prolonged battle with Simmons was pushing it, though. If he's going to have so many different transformations, at least have them be related and logical. A T-Rex into a rhino into a giant fly? Where's the consistency there?
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#53dr_zombergPosted 5/7/2013 8:08:57 AM
ada has been my most hated character since 2, so i really didnt give a flying rat's ass how she behaved here.
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#54gamestop27Posted 5/7/2013 8:18:04 AM(edited)
Nope, she was my favorite character in this game.
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