is it possible that Lisa Trevor is the mother of jake?

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largerock posted...
Jake's mother's a seeeeeeeeecret.....shhhhhhh....


Not you largerock? lol jk

Ok check this out, his mom died of an illness, or maybe it was really a virus and she could show up as a creature in a future RE game? But Jake would have to kill her anyway. It would bea good boss fight.
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It was not a T/G/C/TG/T-Abyss/T-Veronica/Cheerios virus. It was something that "would have been curable if they weren't dirt-poor".
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skermac posted...
Just wondering

@_@ How did you never just randomly get hit by traffic with your head in the air?

I guess to be honest, sometimes I wish I was like you, though. Must be fun
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From: BasementDude
i'm jake's mom

but, you're a dude
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Mr_Big_Boss posted...
From: BasementDude
i'm jake's mom

but, you're a dude

Surely you jest? He's teh BASEMENTDUDE
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