Which main character do you want most to return?

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Leon? Really. 2, 4, Degeneration, Damnation and 6 weren't enough? Ugh.
Claire or Jill. And RE5 Jill...not the crappy Revelations Jill.
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a big RE7 game starring Claire, Jill, Ada, Leon, Chris, Jake, Sherry, Helena and instead or four campaigns we have more!! and at the beginning of the game theres a big reunion in the B.S.A.A. with Rebbecca, Barry, Steve and Billy theres a new terrorist attack and they die in the intro.
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billy coen!

what about rebecca why didnt you quote me?
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Claire is a nobody when comparing to the other cast
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If they keep ****ing everyone up, no one.
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TheLastBlade posted...
If they keep ****ing everyone up, no one.

Exactly what I was thinking. I guess I would be interested in seeing Claire, but most personality the characters used to have was lost as a trade-in to make heroes that are impressive to teenagers. If Claire's going to turn out the same way, dishing out one-liners while doing flip kicks in slow motion and nothing else, might as well be any of the other top model saturday morning cartoon heroes
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Chris and Leon are the most likable from that list, so them.
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I'm good with them all, except for Jill and Wesker.
Kinda missed Claire a little, so my vote goes to her
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Chris Redfield.
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