Most Aggravating Thing In Resident Evil

#91papayaPosted 6/14/2013 9:13:51 PM
So what was the Ada VHS tape about? Wasn't she turned into those statue and respawned?

Also was Jill 100% cured? I mean with the super power and all in RE5 you'd though she still has the mutated virus just like Sherry Birkins was "cured".

IlDanko posted...
Ada was never infected with any virus

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It makes no sense why she couldn't get infected by other viruses.
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'So what was the Ada VHS tape about?'

Well you see that was what we like to call the 'frothy walrus'. As you can see it's when she puts her legs over her head and the other girl.......oh you mean in the game? Can't help you there!
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