RE6 The Mercenaries Tier List (Updated)

#1UnfoolishPosted 6/10/2013 5:41:41 PM
RE6 Mercenaries Tier List v. 6/13

Default Chris
Default Jake
Carla Radames

Chris EX1
Ada EX1
Default Ada

Jake EX1
Default Helena

Piers EX1
Helena EX1
Leon EX1

Sherry EX1
Default Sherry
Default Leon
Default Piers
#2ridley723Posted 6/10/2013 9:23:03 PM
Any reason both Adas are S rank? I'm genuinely just asking.
#3sbn4Posted 6/10/2013 10:03:46 PM
^ I think it was mentioned that Ada has a lot of good strategies that wouldn't be obvious right away. She's not a beginner or casual friendly character, but she has great tools. She can very easily setup the CDG glitch with explosive bolts/grenades. Her CDG itself is arguably the best. Her counters are ridiculously fast and are multi hitting. She does pretty well in both zombie and J'avo maps. She is a good boss killer as well. She's like a technical character in a fighting game. Requires work to use, but the pay off is pretty good.

Its still pretty interesting when everyone was so quick to say that both Sherry and RE2 Sherry were top tier because of their stun rod and weapon loadout respectively. But they both have really glaring issues that most of the top characters don't have.
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sbn4 posted...
Its still pretty interesting when everyone was so quick to say that both Sherry and RE2 Sherry were top tier because of their stun rod and weapon loadout respectively. But they both have really glaring issues that most of the top characters don't have.

Pretty much to a casual player both Sherry and Sherry EX1 are seen gdlk because they are fundamentally noob friendly. Both Sherry comes with 2 Red Herbs and 1 First Aid Spray then add on the additional health items on the map, she can basically have 17 health tablets on hand plus 2-4 cans of First Aid Sprays. Players don't like getting killed then starting over so having access to those items is convenience. Stun Rod I found is mostly good for J'avo melee set ups, also to final blow kill a J'avo on the ground to prevent mutation, plus she can use the Stun Rod on zombie dogs to earn time instead of quickshot no time gained kills.. it can also put Bloodshots in CDG set ups. The Assault Shotgun that Sherry EX1 uses is a very good combo saver, same as Default Sherry Lightning Hawk Magnum. When I play with beginners on maps, I personally recommend them to play either Sherry get build their fundamental skills moreso as a training character before moving on to harder characters to use that don't have the luxury of strong weapons, frequent ammo pick up and tons of healing items.

The only thing that Sherry really lacks is the power of her counters and the firepower of her weapons can be too strong for counter set ups so she can ammo kill one must play by ear learn how many individual bullets it takes for a successful +10 counter to work instead of getting a counter that didn't kill the enemy as expected. She takes a lot of work and she does not have glitches to abuse that will reward her in the long run, similar to both Default Ada/Ada EX1which are technical to use but they come with dirt grenade glitching access that is rewarding, have the same scope of health items and arguably have the fastest melee and the best counter in the game.
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I thinks you accidentally added two characters to the beginning of your user name.
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Someone should make a Survivors tier list. I can totally see both Piers being on top along with Chris and Helena.

#7DarkkefkaFFXPosted 6/12/2013 9:44:33 AM
Not a fan of Tier rankings in anything. I use who I like. In Re6's case, Sherry. While I'm not in the top 10 of overall scores, I always make top 100 in the solo dominator events.
All I need do is learn how to hold some of the cheaper bosses and I can put Sherry in the top scores.
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NoHopeLegend posted...
Someone should make a Survivors tier list. I can totally see both Piers being on top along with Chris and Helena.


We did awhile back lol you might be able to find the archived topic.

Basically Default Piers is the top broken character. Equip Quickshot Damage Increase or Target are basically dead. One knockdown, you are screwed. 1 headshot, you are in dying status. Given the rapid weapon switch glitch, he can stunlock you with the MP-AF then switch to quickshot with the Anti-Material Sniping Rifle to knock you down then good luck trying to get up with him in front of you. Very hard character to approach.

Then we got the Assault Rifle tier characters....Default Sherry, Default Helena and Default Chris. Considering they pick up that ammo so they can't run out. Default Sherry has flash grenades to disable quickshots and melee from other players....she also has the stunlock trap with her Bear Commander plus 1 Explosive Round. Stun Rod up close can drain combat gauge. Default Helena has the Assault Rifle with has the bayonette at the end of it for stabbing, also the stunlock trap plus the Hydra shotgun for triple barrel blast. Chris has his Assault Rifle. Basically these three characters can stunlock into unloading entire clip ending in dying status immediately....equip Shooting Wild and Target are literally dead.

The Agent is still broken in certain situations with his Lightning Hawk Magnum. In smaller death matches he can dominate but he must be careful with only having 3 bullets. Once he is out, he done for. He can't pick up ammo but instead hand grenades. In Team Matches, if you have him in your team he is pretty strong but if he is in a death match pool of 6 players....he is basically neutered. I labeled him in a specialized tier, it's purely situational and conditional.

The rest of the characters like Default Leon, Pirate Leon, RPD Helena, Racer Piers, Samurai Chris, Carla, Default Ada, White Dress Ada, School Girl Sherry, Default Jake, Gangster Jake all seem "balanced" in that they can counter each other as in everyone has a shot. Unlike when you face Piers, Agent (in small groups), Default Sherry, Helena and Chris (assault rifle tier) you feel the incredible imbalance in the game. Mostly having powerful quickshots, stunlock traps and a stronger firearm power weapon that can be spammed. Literally you can experience Sherry players spamming her Bear Commander to knock you down then while you are on the ground, you can't even get up and now put into dying status since you can clearly see your health draining immediately....Target Master/Shooting Wild automatic death.
#9sbn4Posted 6/12/2013 10:49:16 PM
I think both Piers are pretty broken and brain dead. He is the only character in the game that can wipe out everyone in FFA or TDM without ever having to look for ammo. The hitbox on his rifle is ridiculously big, he is good at all ranges, and he deals the best with power weapons IMO.

The the assault rifle characters come in. Sherry, Helena, Chris in that order. Sherry having a grenade, flash grenade, and stun rod is kind of stupid. She's the best of the AR characters. Helena being next due to having a second weapon and the ability to drain stamina quickly with her bayonet stab. Chris is the weakest because I think his damage might be on par with Sherry's but all he has is an AR and a knife. This just isn't useful enough.

Carla would be next as she's got most bases covered. She can fight long and short range. She's even decent at mid range.

Everyone else is either balanced or bad because another character does it better. Samurai Chris is pointless when there is Carla. Cop Helena is a weaker Samurai Chris with a stun rod. Pirate Leon pales in comparison to Piers.
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Piers is God tier with Firearm 3 equip just saying since Firearm 3 is stronger than QS dmg increase nuff said or better Sniper Master ouch.
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