Do you like to think that Chris always on top or sometime Piers too?

#1AWorldUnitedPosted 6/14/2013 9:52:53 AM
I figure Chris is always top, but some say Piers may be able to switch ifChris want him to. I don't agree.
what you bunch say?
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I think Chris is kind enough to let their roles switch.
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#3ArchiantagonistPosted 6/14/2013 10:19:10 AM
Piers: Captain, boost me on top
Chris: Hell yeah!!!
#4DanielSpace79Posted 6/14/2013 11:41:18 AM
Though totally fictitious, I will admit to occasionally fantasizing that they do that and in my head Chris is always the top. However your suggestion entertains me greatly and I am now enjoying that as well.

Kudos, sir.

Though this also reminds me of when me and another buddy from PSN we're playing Mercs and we're trying the Requiem for War map for the first time. Ironically, he was Chris and I was Piers and this was the completely unintentially risque conversation. 4x the irony is that he mentioned he had come out a month later lol (unrelated to this dialogue)

(After 4-5 basic playthroughs, stupid death by ogroman, etc we reset and I spawned in the basement area while he spawned on the ground level)

Him: Oh good, I'm on top- man I hate being on bottom.
Me: Yeah, agreed the bottom is really intense, especially at the beginning. Can get very overwhelming very fast
Him: Yes- I'll learn it eventually, but I'll stick with top for now. Chris has to do his thing in the open
(at c20- in the basement and have 5 javo)
Me: Wow- im taking a beating
Him: Cmon Piers, man up and solider it through
Me: Yes captain- ugh, damn I hate when they tease, just friggin do it already.
Him: You ok?
Me: Yeah, I'll survive but next time- you are definitely on bottom
Him: We'll see- I'm a coward, haha you take the beatings better then I do.
Me: Screw it. I'm not taking this anymore. I'm going to top too and we'll just go at it together
Him: Roger
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Piers always appeared to be the submissive type. *smh*
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Would Sherry want to be on top? I would let her do what she wanted. She is probably more aggressive in bed than out since she is close to becoming a milf/cougar.
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KonaseRitsuko posted...
I think Chris is kind enough to let their roles switch.

this, Chris doesn't seem like the selfish type to deny Piers if he wants to try.

There's a certain point where my boyfriend even wanted to try topping after a long time being a bottom only, now we switch constantly. If it's short term maybe they wouldn't switch, but I don't think the positions would stay set in stone for long to be honest.

Wait this is resident evil, why am I talking about this.

God I hate this board!
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Unfoolish posted...
Piers always appeared to be the submissive type. *smh*

piers is also younger, so naturally, he want be controlled by Chris. Chris in re5 with his biker / leather daddy / bear gear on..........I mean come on. piers is getting massacred and he love it I am 100000,0000000% sure
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StupidMofoz posted...
Chris doesn't seem like the selfish type to deny Piers if he wants to try.