Resident Evil fan since the beginning, is this worth $17?

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I take what i said to you back. I clearly didn't read the title of topic.

Damn originals. >.>
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Hands down the best action oriented resident evil ever made. Not only that, but it's got the best story.
Excellent game if you ask me :)

LOL best story. Worst plot since.. Well .. RE4!

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Think you're in the wrong forum buddy. This forum is for the Modern types of RE players. The Classics are on another page. Your only wasting words here.


I am a modern type of gamer. I've become a RE fan a couple of months ago, with RE4 being my first RE game, so I haven't been a fan since the beginning. I've played some of the newer ones, and so far, the only classic game I've played(and haven't finished yet) was RE3: Nemesis.
Me being a modern gamer, I could never understand the hate for RE4 at all, since it seems like one of the best ones in the series. >_>; I've heard that after the events of RE3, it's storyline has evolved too much to be filled with horror, and I can understand that. Still, when playing RE5 and 6, it's charm felt... different somehow. I've heard that it's charm changed since Shinki Mikami, it's original director, left. Still, I felt RE5 and 6 could have been a lot better than it was, with enthralling music like Persona 4, and with a ground-breaking story like Demon's Souls. Or maybe my expectations are a little too high for this series. :P
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Excellent game if you ask me :)

Same here!

I've been with RE since '96 and played them all. REmake is my favorite, but I love them all.

I had no problems with RE 6 since the beginning, and most of the major complaints in the beginning from others were addressed with patches. Such as a chapter select option, a QTE assist and an adjustable camera view.
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