So this game isn't going to have Campaign DLC?

#21FenixxPosted 6/22/2013 5:18:28 AM
longstorm555 posted...
'oh but we need to know what happened with jill. there could be a story about her searching for chris.'
no. we already had two games where the protagonist searches for him. claire in code veronica, jill in revelations.

We've always been searching for Chris. The original RE if you play as Jill, you're looking for Chris. In RE2, Claire is looking for Chris. Code Veronica has Claire still looking for Chris. Revelations has Jill looking for Chris. RE6 has Piers looking for Chris. Out of 8 of the main games, we spend 5 of them trying to find Chris. If the guy would just tell someone where he's going for once, then the Resident Evil series wouldn't exist.
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