Your top 5 favorite characters

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3 years ago#11



2.Helena Harper

1.5.Ada Wong and Carla Radames

1.Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield.

I can't choose between Claire and Jill so they stand in the same place :)
3 years ago#12
1. HUNK and Chris
2. Rebecca
3. Jill
4. Barry
5. Leon
3 years ago#13
1. Chris
2. Leon
3. Claire
4. Ada
5. Jill
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3 years ago#14
1. Ada Wong
2. Alexia Ashford
3. Billy Coen
4. Carla Radames
5. Jessica Sherawat
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3 years ago#15




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3 years ago#16




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3 years ago#17
5: Chris Redfield (Pre - RE5)

4: Jill Valentine (Pre - RE5)

3: Billy Coen

2: Steve Burnside

1: Claire Redfield

I honestly hate what RE5 did to the characters.
3 years ago#18
5) Excella Gionne
4) Crispin 'DeeAy' Jettingham
3) Leon Scott Kennedy
2) Karena 'Lupo' LesProux
1) Chris Redfield
3 years ago#19
Oh.. I thought we were talking only about the main series...

1. Chris
2. Jill
3. Kevin Ryman
4. Claire and Tweed
5. Willow
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3 years ago#20
1. Chris Redfield
2. Leon Scott Kennedy
3. Ada Wong
4. Excella Gionne
5. Jill Valentine

(special mentions to Ozwell E. Spencer & Piers Nivans who nearly took Jill's place)
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