Resident Evil 5 vs. Resident Evil 6: Which do you think is better?

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User Info: AnimeKid1089

3 years ago#1
Why or why not? Do both games have some qualities that the other does not have? What about performance, consistency, gameplay, and user-friendly features?
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User Info: SSJ_Jin

3 years ago#2
Both are pretty horrible, but 5 is overall better by a lot. 6 has the better controls.

User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
3 years ago#3
Honestly, RE5 mops the floor with 6. There are some things that 6 does better, like not having to worry about the partner too much, and the huge scale. But 5 is just a better videogame. The level design may be "walk into room, trigger 50 enemies, kill all", but at least there's some strategy.
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User Info: Goldsickle

3 years ago#4
6 watered-down it's co-op.

They probably did that to decrease frustration but by doing that, co-op depth suffers.
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User Info: sbn4

3 years ago#5
RE5. While it may not adhere to what makes Resident Evil, Resident Evil. It is just a much better designed game all around. Its a very solid product with immense replay value. Its a good game overall. While RE6 lacks several things every basic video game should have.
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User Info: DarkD3stiny

3 years ago#6
Resident Evil 5.

User Info: Archiantagonist

3 years ago#7
For me RE 6 is better in every single aspect.
Then again, I consider RE 5 to be easily the worst game in the series, so...

User Info: Lovethepython

3 years ago#8
Resident Evil 5 is better because:
-You can choose your equipment. So it's less repetitive.
- Can change costumes.
- Mercenaries is better (imo).
- Better imventory system.
- You can upgrade weapons to preference.
- Has way better characters.
- You can remove nuisance players for your game.
- Has real life *licenced* guns. Apart from a few.
- Can share items with partner and see what they have.
- You share any cash and treasure pick-ups.

Resident Evil 6 is better because:
- You still need to reload with infinite ammo on.
- More partner commands.
- More difficulty levels with a super hard setting (No Hope).
- You don't have to babysit the AI.
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User Info: FearOfTheLight

3 years ago#9
Resident Evil 5 by good measure. The amount of content, co-op distinctions and atmosphere sure stood out compared to RE6. The Mercenaries and the varied amount of collectables also raised the replay value by a mile.

They implemented 3 stages. 3 STAGES! For the RE6 Mercenaries. That alone should tell you where RE6 stands compared to its predecessor.
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User Info: jpv2000

3 years ago#10
Nearly a tie for me. I like RE 5's story more and the fact that Chris is the star for the entire game.

RE 6 I love the new controls and all they allow you to do.
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