Resident Evil 6: Capcom says next game will return to series roots

#81edward18Posted 8/18/2013 11:36:05 AM
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I dunno why you're fighting this, REmake killed the series just as much as RE4. It's just common sense.
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#83ReceiverxWisdomPosted 8/18/2013 11:50:12 AM
Resident Evil 4 killed the series

Personally, RE4 just had hell in the development stages I love both the hookman version and final concept yet the only problem was that Capcom's piss poor excuse into explaining that gigantic jump from horror into the action foray was that the Resident Evil series supposedly has been already dying by that time so the dramatic reinvention was needed in Capcom's opinion.

Thus Capcom pressured Mikami and pulled the plug on survival horror naturally. The initial blame does lie on Capcom immediately for this decision. It was as if this was destined to be a 'love it or hate' affair amongst the purist community who've grown used to this gameplay for a decade at the eve of Resident Evil 4's release.

Atfer awhile change unexpectedly happens beyond our control. There was a lot of terrible factors that went into the development of Resident Evil 4:

A. I don't believe Capcom wanted the series to end. This money fueled gravy train was too damn good for them to cease immediately so it's being driven right into the dirt as we speak. They didn't care about Mikami's vision to end the series at all. When a creative vision is compromised and rushed for nothing but top dollar that's when the f***edupness of a newly created fiasco sets in to a profound degree.

Bottom line: business is just not fair.

B: Pressurizing Mikami into a corner, saying they'll 'cancel' the series if he fails to meet expectations. This is surely the summation of all the aspects that make up for your typical, everyday, sociopathic, schoolyard bully just taken on a more conglomerate level.

Sure, anyone can say he should've grown a backbone and canceled Resident Evil indefinitely if Capcom wanted to treat him like a 'wage slave' for this project however he was contractually obligated to these projects at the very same time. I don't know too much depth about the business world but I assume that walking away from this project would've left a giant stain on him in degree also he probably didn't want the series to die in lew of the fans.

As the great Hideo Kojima once stated, creating is video game series is metaphorically akin to 'creating a child' for the first time. You teach it, nurture it. and you watch this child grow, the child goes off to school and he makes new friends, a lot of them old and new (the fans). Instead of letting his 'child' fade into obscurity he stayed on board for it. Emotions run deeper than still waters.

In closing, while there are sometimes where we don't agree with you Edward I do respect your opinion. I will concur with one thing we can agree on: RE4 will forever remain the catalyst for setting up 5 and 6 which will never change the minds of many who have loathed this direct action route that was taken, the same route that is lacking the flavor of originality which each new step it takes.

Again, if there EVER any chance of Capcom releasing MM3, and you gave RE6 a would hate the game just as much as RE4 because 6 is less of an RE game than you can imagine it. It's just natural at this point.
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#84ReceiverxWisdomPosted 8/18/2013 12:00:38 PM(edited)
REmake killed the series just as much as RE4. It's just common sense.

Strongly disagree.

When game reviewers are still coming out today saying that 'REmake set the bar for the survival horror. It's still one of the most atmospheric, best looking games ever made and even some games of today can't compare graphically to a game that was made in 2002' then you know REmake still has a big foothold in the survival horror department plus gaming in general.

It's also one of the better remakes out there and in that genre THERE is not a lot of good remakes so that's saying something. I brought the game a week ago, personally none of those comments are lies. It's the best the old style of Resident Evil has to offer with this new wicked graphically overhauled paint job placed on top of it.

"I'm the man you love to hate and I'm sure as hell not phased by you fakes."
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