Just got it this today....I'm not seeing what's bad about it (possible spoilers)

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I never thought Resident Evil was scary. It had a certain atmosphere at times but I don't understand all the hate for the "lack" of horror. People over-analyze too much. It's got an established story with good charas moving onto the world stage. You can't be stuck in a house or village all the time. Most importantly, it's entertaining so I'm glad you like it TC.


This on many levels
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Well I haven't played the game but from what I've seen it's just pulling the same crap the series has been pulling since 4 and has a story that makes no real sense.
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Honestly I love this game yes it has its flaws but the story is good and I especially like that all of the story line connect with each other it's a good game not a great one but def not a bad one
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I just got it too and i'm really not getting all the hate either. It's still a very good game despite a few nitpicks. For a while RE4 was my favorite game in the series but this one is edging very close to surpassing it. I'm only on about the 5th chapter of Leon's campaign and it's been really fun! This game is definitely better than RE5. As for the whole modern RE isn't scary thing, to be honest only the first game ever scared me. Pretty much the dogs jumping through the windows in that one hallway is the only part where i jumped. Okay maybe the Lickers in RE2 had me on edge as well but i soon learned how to deal with them.
So yeah anyway loving this game!
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