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3 years ago#1
Since the online event us coming up later this month..discuss!

First off I want to say Default Sherry is BS. 2 Flash Grenades is huge in Siege defending the BSAA. She can stop Whoppers and Javo crowds. Run away the entire time to stop pursuing creatures. Triple Shot handgun is solid weapon in defense compared to like a Crossbow or Sniper that requires reloads like Sherry EX and Default Ada.

I think Carla and Helena EX are well equipped but lack Default Sherry BS. All you do is have the BSAA run with you on the entire map is the game of Siege. Default Sherry can easily make time run out and toss a Flash Grenade when a threat appears like Whoppers Javos and mutated BOW. When I played her I can make no one touch my BSAA with 100% lifelead just by running the entire time simple. When I use someone like Default Ada I can't stop Javo swarms and charging Whoppers with her Sniper which requires reload per shot. Default Chris is good until he runs out of ammo. Siege again like Survivors is unbalanced. Default Sherry is BS again. Piers EX is close too 3 grenades plus Remote Bomb and the Picador handgun. But Siege is hit and run game. Default Sherry is good at it.
3 years ago#2
I agree. Default Sherry is pretty unfair. I remember when my team was having trouble against the other team, I would just use Sherry default and pretty much just used her two flash grenades at the appropriate times and we would win because of it.

I think Default Chris is decent and so are both of the Helenas so long as they have ammo. I think certain characters like EX Sherry have some uses as a team medic. If you put her on pharmacist she can be a great team healer as she has next to nothing to fight back. Default Ada is also pretty fun but unless you use the ambidextrous aiming to cancel out the shell ejection animation. Default Leon can be decent if he can get a hold of shotgun ammo, but he's also pretty limited.

I don't know about the rest because the above characters are all I use in Siege.
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3 years ago#3
Siege sucks
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3 years ago#4
Actually Sherry EX is good as a team member. As mentioned the Medic of the group since she has a Red Herb. She is also the Whopper killer since she has the Crossbow.
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