looking for ppl who play the online modes.

#11Syn_VengeancePosted 9/24/2013 5:50:17 AM
Psn is buddy43, i have a mic..

I play everthing but seige.
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#12cazza_mrPosted 9/24/2013 1:11:57 PM
I'll be playing the online modes off and on for the nxt 2 weeks both this and ac3 feel free to add me cazzamr psn got a Mic too
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#13Cartwheel_KickPosted 9/26/2013 3:05:39 PM
Oops sorry I've been working too much lately, but I'll be on a bit more now. I'll add all of you ITT.

And yes I have a mic but I also don't like to use it.