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3 years ago#1
I have not seen one made yet or discussed but since there is an online event for Siege mode coming up, this will be an opportunity to explore characters and the mode overall. The event also opens up players who need the achievements/trophies will most likely play it since this mode is virtually dead unless there are boosting sessions. The same applies to Onslaught, the mode is totally dead. For some odd reason Survivors is very active, I assume that players love fighting each other in versus plus adding little teabagging brings in salt. Predator I see is still active but times I've come across players, it's ultimate troll mode with Sherry EX and Ada EX players sticking Pipe Bombs on other players.

As I played this mode awhile back and collected all the trophies, I've noticed how it usually runs with players. Defender roles are characters that control the enemy crowds like Default Chris with his AR, Agent with Ammo Box 50 tons of clips and Pirate Leon AR too. Babysitter roles are primarily Default Sherry who lets the BSAA Agent follow her the entire time, also carrying 2 Flash Grenades prevents Whoppers/J'avo attacks which allows her to run off with the BSAA Agent until time runs out. On larger maps such as CW and HSF, you have designated sniper characters like Default Ada, Carla and Piers who sniper J'avos that have RPGs. Sherry EX serves as the team medic and Whopper killer. We also have characters that look "well-equipped" on paper but their roles are difficult to categorize Carla, Helena EX.

Well its difficult do a tier placement for these characters because each one has a critical role in defense but if I had to choose, I would say Default Sherry is the best character in Seige. Mainly because of her 2 Flash Grenades which prevents Whopper movement on zombie maps which allows her to freely escape and run off with the lifelead defending the BSAA Agent. She also stops all J'avo and BOWs (except Lepotista, she can free the BSAA Agent if he gets trapped by Gnezdo) on the J'avo maps with her 2 Flash Grenades. She also carries the Triple Shot Handgun which she can pick up ammo, it's a strong handgun overall. If her weapon was let's say a Crossbow or just the Stun Rod, then she would be terrible but she carries the Triple Shot Handgun, Stun Rod (when out of ammo) option, and 2 Flash Grenades which is huge crowd control which designates her as the babysitter role defending the BSAA Agent. Also to add a little salt, when winning with Default Sherry next to BSAA Agent proceed to taunt your pursuers with "I'm Tougher Than I Look!" ;)

But anyway looking to place these characters in Siege, delve in from your experiences too.
Default Chris, Chris EX, Default Leon, Leon EX, Default Sherry, Sherry EX, Default Jake, Jake EX, Default Piers, Piers EX, Default Helena, Helena EX, Default Ada, Ada EX, Agent, Carla Radames. I do think Sherry EX is the worst despite her Medic/Whopper killer role.
3 years ago#2
So I played in the lobbies the last several days for Siege in preparation for the next online event. I strongly believe that Default Sherry and Default Piers are the the best in this versus mode.

Although I do think that Default Chris and Pirate Leon are great because of their AR ammo for J'avo crowds and Whopper killing... they can't control Gnezdo, Napads by spamming their entire clip whereas Default Piers with the AMSR kills all enemies and Default Sherry with 2 Flash Grenades can play the running away game with the BSAA Agent and stop bosses from advancing. On paper Helena EX and Carla look good because of the Hydra, the shotgun quickshot has random auto aim positions, terrible reload, the firepower is very weak compared to RE5... it does not kill bosses and the spread is just bad like RE5 Clubbin' Sheva's Jailbreaker shotgun. The rest of the character are more in a supportive roll for backup in Siege, they clearly do not dominate the main focus game of Siege which is defending the BSAA Agent at all costs which Default Sherry and Default Piers are best at in this mode.

I can't wait for others to play this mode to explore it further so we can see what this game offers. I personally think Siege failed at launch because PS3 had to wait months for Predator, Onslaught, Survivors to get released held back since XBox 360 got it first. RE6 was already getting its bad reviews and all that negative publicity tarnished the DLC releases which could have helped a bit. I was hoping for more DLC like RE5 Gold did but...failure.
3 years ago#3
It really isn't any different on the Xbox side. All the modes are more or less dead except for Survivors. I can never find a Siege game ever. Its a shame because its my favorite along with Onslaught.

But I think you are probably right. Default Sherry, Piers, and Default Chris are probably the best characters overall. I wanted to like Default Helena, as I feel her handgun has decent power, and I could use her hand grenade similar to Sherry (by killing crowds of enemies instead of merely incapacitating them for a few seconds), but frag grenades have a delay and can injure the BSSA agent with the blast radius. I also want to like EX Helena, but both her weapons are the weakest in their category. I think EX Chris and Default Leon are decent. I don't really use any of the other characters. Sometimes I'll use EX Sherry, but she has really underwhelming firepower.
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3 years ago#4
i always found characters are good for certain roles in siege.

characters like both leon, both chris, and both helena are good for handling large crowds and leaving other characters to care for the bsaa agent.

default sherry and costume piers are best for leading the bsaa agent around the map, especially in javo stages.

agent is good for protecting the bsaa agent by not killing enemies, but instead using the large amount of ammo to trip pursuing player-controlled monsters. this is more effective than killing the player-controlled monsters.

a solid team would be default sherry or costume piers, any character other than costume sherry or either ada, and agent, either ada or costume sherry.

(runner) default sherry would run around the map, catching enemies in their vulnerable flash-grenade melee prompt. costume piers has an arsenal of grenades to safely secure routes for the bsaa agent to pass by. both have handguns, but this weapon should be used to stun enemies instead of killing them. runners should focus on covering distance and leading the agent away from adversary while the fighter and protector do the dirty work of killing monsters.

(fighter) any character besides costume sherry, either ada and agent will work best just slaughtering the creatures. their role is to just make the map as empty of creatures as possible. they also will have to grab time deductions if the runner cannot grab them. default leon works well as a fighter because of his shotgun and the three herbs he comes equipped with.

(protector) agent is best used staying near the bsaa agent and trying to trip pursuing enemies. default ada can easily pick off creatures with her sniper rifle and also heal her team mates with the medic or pharmacist skills. costume ada has pipe bombs which can be used to kill whoppers and stop or set up traps to trip pursuing enemies. costume sherry can use her crossbow to pin down creatures onto the group by quick shooting them when they get near the bsaa agent. costume sherry is also a very capable medic.

i usually play as a default sherry runner, just because i like feeling responsible if my team loses. it's very important to lead the bsaa.

it may be a silly way to look at siege, but it works for me.
3 years ago#5
What kind of skills do you guys use with each character? Or is it not too important?

Also for the event this weekend, does it matter if its Ranked or Player Match?
Either way I hope some people are on for it since like sbn said, Xbox side is a ghost town.
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3 years ago#6
I usually use second wind if the character has no healing pills and pharmacist if they do.
"No man should fight any war but his own."
3 years ago#7
P1_Jake posted...
What kind of skills do you guys use with each character? Or is it not too important?

Also for the event this weekend, does it matter if its Ranked or Player Match?
Either way I hope some people are on for it since like sbn said, Xbox side is a ghost town.
Some characters could use a variety of skills but most are very map dependent.

A character like Sherry EX who only comes with the Crossbow and Stun Rod, when she is out of ammo she would need Take It Easy since it recovers stamina by taking cover, maps like HSF and RfW have many cover options like cars/carge/ledges to instantly recover stamina. In general characters who run out of ammo fast and are left with melee attacks would need this skill. I forget which Chris has the combat knife this would be useful fighting up close.

Default Ada who only has the Sniper Rifle as her weapon, can't weapon switch so she has to go through the entire reload animation after each shot fired. She comes with a Red Herb but you get Green Herbs from killing bosses, she can be a camping character with Medic skill equipped to heal other team members. On a zombie map, Breakout is perhaps the best skill for her since if she whiffs any shot she is susceptible to leaping zombies, whopper grabs, grabbing zombies while in her reloading animation. Breakout saves her faster from losing health bars. Her best map is CW and HSF where she can overlook and snipe safely.

The characters who are defending and controlling the crowds like Default Chris, Pirate Leon, Agent, Carla, Helena EX are suited with Second Wind since when low on health their attack power does more damage. Or if they want to save their ammo and use melee effectively, Take It Easy is the better skill especially in J'avo crowds where stamina is real imporant.

Lock-On Lv2 skill is useful for sniping characters like Default Piers/Default Ada.

I've seen players equip Pharmacist but very rarely do I ever see them heal themselves or let alone collect herbs from bosses.

As for Default Sherry who is primarily the BSAA Agent guardian, Take It Easy is perhaps the best since running away and letting the BSAA take cover to regenerate his health are options for her to take cover as well since running the entire time will not recover stamina when she plays the 'Hit and run' game. She gets to throw flash grenades to prevent any enemy movement then take off running away with BSAA agent or shoot some bullets to trip over running enemies then run away again with the BSAA Agent. This is pretty evident in Urban Chaos protecting the BSAA on top of the bus then when swarmed then run to to the other side of the map behind the ledges, then run back to the top of the bus. Flowchart Sherry seen it over a hundred times. Then on Steel Beast, Default Sherry runs around the lap course all over the bridge nonstop, same with HSF, CW, RY every map. Flash Grenades stops Whoppers from advancing on zombie maps, stops Bloodshots, blinds all J'avos, Strelats, Begunats......Default Sherry might not be able to blind zombies in the Catacombs but she has the electricity power box option to shock zombies and Lepotista plus there's an Incendiary Grenade nearby also the spike trap to kill the Whopper immediately.
3 years ago#8
^ Ada's shell ejecting animation on her sniper can be cancelled by using the ambidextrous aiming mechanic. I think after a shot you click in a thumbstick, fire, click in thumbstick, fire, etc. I'm not a PS3 player so I don't know the exact button.
"No man should fight any war but his own."
3 years ago#9
sbn4 posted...
^ Ada's shell ejecting animation on her sniper can be cancelled by using the ambidextrous aiming mechanic. I think after a shot you click in a thumbstick, fire, click in thumbstick, fire, etc. I'm not a PS3 player so I don't know the exact button.
It could take getting used to. I usually aim on the left side so switching on the right was a little funky lol Thanks!
3 years ago#10
After playing hours of Siege for the online event. I think this would look like the rough draft tier.

Default Sherry, Piers EX
Default Piers
Jake EX
Default Chris, Default Leon, Pirate Leon, Chris EX
Default Helena
Agent, Carla, Helena EX, Default Jake
Ada EX
Default Ada
Sherry EX

It's obvious that Default Sherry and Piers EX both play the hit and run BSAA Agent guardian. Having grenades can stop pursuing creatures momentum along with a handgun for hit stun then take off running away. What puts Default Sherry is the no at risk throwing 2 Flash Grenades throughout the round whereas if Piers EX tosses, Incendiary/Hand/RB have blast radius which may or may not injure the BSAA Agent collateral damage which can hurt the life lead.

Default Piers is similar to Default Sherry/Piers EX he can play the hit and run but his defense tops it since his AMSR is a boss killer eliminating all BOW threats. MP-AF acts just like the hit and run from pursuers.

Jake EX has 2 Remote Bombs, these are good defending the BSAA Agent away from the blast radius which is like in Urban Chaos on top of the bus, blow up the Whoppers and zombies and applies to J'avo maps since there are many camping spots for defending the BSAA Agent. His AR is also good controlling crowds.

Default Chris, Chris EX, Default Leon, Pirate Leon. These characters are categorized the front line of defense they are equipped with ammo they can handle crowds of enemies but they all lack a power weapon precisely boss killer like Default Piers with AMSR and Jake EX with 2 Remote Bombs.

Default Helena is a front line of defense character but simply with only a handgun, it's not that great defense than the 4 mentioned above. Even to take the role of hit and run like safe Default Sherry, Default Helena comes with 3 Hand Grenades which is pure risk of the explosion nearby so she cannot camp safely babysitting the BSAA Agent.

Agent, Carla, Default Jake, Helena EX weaker version of the front line of defense. Ammo Box 50 spits and chews up ammo with little damage in return. MP-AF is very similar. Hydra is the worst for defending turf due to slow reload and interruptions from creatures though it's good for dodging during the triple stunt quickshot. Stun Rod and Hand-to-Hand combat drains stamina like no tomorrow but can be compensated with Take It Easy skill equipped to recharge during cover.

Ada EX only having 1 arrow and a few Pipe Bombs is quite detrimental for crowds, not made front line of defense and not very good at babysitting the BSAA Agent. Incendiary Grenades pose a threat near the BSAA Agent but best used for zombie-type crowds. On top, Ada EX can't do her best counter in crowds which is her fast sweep unless she holds the grenade but she needs both at her disposal for defense.

Default Ada, 4 herbs is good for the Medic role. She is also very useful as the sniper of the team, she is not good for front line of defense neither babysitting the BSAA Agent. SR quickshot whiffs are the worst in crowds, let alone aiming in the swarm. Her counter which is her best known sweep is taken away since she can only counter with the 2 handed weapon which expose more whiffs if missed. Her role is more designed as the onlooker who will eliminate threats like RPG J'avos on HSF/CW maps.

Sherry EX best used as the Medic of the group since she has 10 health tablets plus a Red Herb in case she picks up a Green Herb to mix. Unfortunately that is her main role in the team. The other bright side is since she carries the Crossbow, she can eliminate Whoppers with arrows with ease. She is not made for crowds since she runs out of stamina and her counter is very weak/will whiff at angles. She can babysit but she is more of the dodging type of character with healing ability; she lacks range like snipers and lacks crowd control.
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