Thank ReMake Sales and Importantly the Gamecube for the More Action based RE4

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Quote:You can easily murder everything is sight in both games. You might have to skip just a few enemies in the beginning, but after that you start rolling in ammo and can kill everything. This is mostly true for all RE games.

Maybe so but with those games, on the FIRST play through you didn't want to use your ammo as much because not knowing what enemies you would eventually have to face you wanted to try and save as much ammo as possible. I remember I was always scared to use shotgun rounds and grenade launcher rounds cause I felt I would need to save them for future bosses.

Now you can pretty much kill everything in sight without worrying about having sufficient ammo that will be strong enough to take out the more powerful enemies.

This is one aspect of the older games that I absolutely loved. The fear of not knowing what to expect or what to prepare for.
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REmake should've never been exclusive to the GC to begin with if Capcom wanted to maximize sales potential. But perhaps Nintendo funded the project a bit.
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I like how Shinji Mikami admitted gameplay wasn't even a priority until RE4. I guess that puts horror whores on the level of graphics whores :1
lol assault rifles are machine guns.... d'oh! :P btw so are submgs and anything that has automatic fire.
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TheSkinniMini1 posted...
Dude, if the guy who made the game and says its one of his favorites say it was a commerical failure, it was a commerical failure no matter what it sold. Clearly its numbers was not enough in his and Capcom's mind.

How did I miss this post..?

Actually, I read another article where REmake did fulfill it's sales quota.
When that happens, it's considered a commercial success.

Note that this interview is about Shinji's own personal opinion about REmake and not Capcom's.
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