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3 years ago#1
I bought the Anthology edition (fantastic buy, and even if I would have hated RE6, getting all of these games would have easily made it a worthwhile purchase regardless) of the game shortly after launch. I played through RE 1 for the first time ever, played back through RE 2 (which I played the hell out of back in the day), and finally finished RE 3 (owned it, but never got very far into it back when it was new). Still have never even played 4 or 5 (I will).

Anyways, that all aside, I finally decided to pull this out and play it. So far I've finished Leon's campaign, and am on the last chapter of Chris' campaign. So having not finished the game in its entirety, and having missed 2 entries in the numbered series entries, take this with a grain of salt.

That said, I think this game has taken an unfair amount of negative criticism. I understand why fans of the series would seem to hate the game so much in some aspects. Its a departure from the style of game players had grown accustomed to with RE 4 and 5 (based on what I've read about these games), without returning to the older survival horror roots of the original games. Meaning they alienated the newer fans without appeasing the tastes of the original RE crowd.

Despite this, I still think RE6 is on the whole a reasonably good entry into the series. Its true that in terms of gameplay, this isn't a typical RE game, but if you look at the grand scheme of the RE series, and not just the numbered games, following CV this series has been all about experimentation and change. They've created entries into the series, both canon and non-canon, that dabble in several different styles of gameplay and genres. Change IS what RE is now, and has been for awhile.

I love that this entry attempted to create a "cinematic experience", given that trend of experimentation. For the same reason that games like The Last of Us and other games that take this approach, I enjoy feeling like I'm watching a movie, but that I'm actually a part of whats happening.

And I really loved the FEEL of Leon's campaign. Now its true, it didn't have the same tension or scariness of RE 1-3, but the feeling of what was happening to the characters really did feel like a throwback to Leon's beginnings in Racoon City. In fact, between the Zombie outbreak, and the increasingly powerful (and ridiculous) Simmons mutations, I was continually thinking back to similarities in RE2. Clearly, the puzzle solving, tension, and jump scares were replaced by things like QTE, melee combat, and overwhelming hoardes. So I want to be clear, that I'm in no way talking about gameplay. Just the feeling of whats happening, and the themes in the storyline, those are what feels more true to the older games.

Of course, the ridiculousness of Simmon's mutations begins to feel more like a caricature of Birkin and Nemesis at some point, rather than a tribute.

Where the story becomes messy (and I think this is where people begin to find fault with the storyline) is when the Chris (and presumably Jake) storyline throws in j'avo, something similar to plaga parasite humans, but makes them an alternate form of the zombie creating C virus, with half baked explanation about why...

But in some ways it did feel like a nod to RE 4 and 5.
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3 years ago#2
Basically at the end of the day, I won't pretend that RE6 isn't without problems (and I'm sure as I flesh out my experience with the rest of the campaigns, I'll be able to form a more cohesive opinion). It almost feels in some ways like RE's version of "The Expendables" movie franchise. Throw several of the series most popular characters into 1 game together, find a way to essentially put t virus zombies and plaga monsters into the same game together (i say essentially, because as described above, they explained the j'avo away as being a form of the c virus instead of actually using the parasites), and fill the game with a ton of over the top action sequences.

So basically, I'm enjoying the game more in the sense that its a fun throwback in many ways to the entire series, without necessarily being a well built game with a cohesive, solid storyline.
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3 years ago#3
Additionally, I think they really did something cool with the multiplayer setup, including the intersecting campaigns, and the agent hunt. Perhaps there's some work to be done to really make something like this shine, but the idea itself was brilliant, imo.

I would love to see other games take this idea in the future, and improve upon it.
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3 years ago#4
I don't think it really departed from RE5 like you said. RE4 is what started the turn to more action. But it did it in a way that was a lot of fun for single-player gamers. RE5 is where the departure to Co-op focused play started. RE6 is just an evolved form of RE5. The current "patched" version of RE6 is much improved over the QTE heavy launch version.
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3 years ago#5
I probably wasn't very clear on how I meant that it was a departure. I'm up way past when I'm normally in bed, so I'm pretty tired, and probably not writing as clearly as I think I am.

I wasn't really meaning in the sense of it being an action game though. I'll try to remember to reply tomorrow and explain in what way I felt it was a departure.
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3 years ago#6
While the gameplay itself is actually decent, the entire campaign feels really disjointed. And a lot of segments feel jarring. They try to go for a cinematic approach, but the entire game doesn't deliver. The cinematics are well done. But the gameplay doesn't match. There is too much running from point A to B with a lot of co-op door opening sequences. And when the game tries to go for an intense chase scene, many things make it painfully obvious you are controlling a badly designed game (camera panning incorrectly, controls being awkward at first, etc).

I wouldn't have minded the outlandish premise (fighting a giant underwater shark is beyond stupid even for this series), but why does everything have to have a button prompt for it. Jake's campaign is just abysmal. The game has several nice ideas, but it is never well executed. I feel the game is at its strongest when it isn't tied down by its campaign. Mercenaries and Onslaught is where this game shines IMO.
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3 years ago#7
personally sherry's campaign was my favorite one
it mentions my favorite character claire a few times, and it never really pretends to be deeper than the mindless action story it has and i really enjoyed it
and it was nice to see a supporting character from a past game get a leading role
TC when you start sherry's campaign remember to play as sherry.......jake has more actiony parts when they split up but i just like sherry more

oh at one point jake is shirtless which is nice if you are a woman or are like me whose heterosexuality impaired
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3 years ago#8
I found Jake's campaigin to be more than just action. If anything, that belongs to Chris'. Jake's tries to do stealth, Call of Duty, and a Michael Bay action movie all in one.
"No man should fight any war but his own."
3 years ago#9
personally the big split up between jake and sherry in chapter 3 i find more fun to play as sherry
the only annoying bit is trying to get the password which can be incredibly easy or incredibly frustrating
the first time i got through it in about a minute
the second time same thing
the third time no matter what i did they found her and wouldnt type the password out
i didnt even know that the javos in that part could morph into stronger forms. but 1 of them turned into the giant thing with the outer shell with the one hit kill move

but killing it with just the stun rod was awesome
Everybody loves yusiko. To some extent. Eventually that love turns to hate. Back to love and back to murderous intent. ~ yusketeer
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