Which girl in the series has the best butt?

#61SoulidarityPosted 11/18/2013 5:37:49 PM
well, when the title says "girl in the series" rather than "girl in RE6" it lends itself to other answers.
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sonicbn posted...
Rebecca in re make and 0
c'mon people

Ya buddy!! Only one that beats her is Claire. Claire is the hottest in the series.

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Higurashi_Akane posted...

Are all of the "modern" RE games like that, or did 6 just take a turn for the unfathomably stupid? I honestly haven't really played most of the RE's since like Code Veronica on my Dreamcast and I really have no clue. I'm planning on going back and finishing 5 by the end of the week.

Hmm, I would say that RE6 is beyond the pale of stupid, which is saying something in this series. RE4 was this kinda-sorta Die-hard plot. RE5 was a straight-forward investigation-goes-bad story. Revelations actually had mystery to it, and Landsdale is what Simmons would have been if he were executed properly; he's a manipulative guy that plays both sides of Bio-terrorism to create crises for him to remain in power.
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Lisa Trevor
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I'm surprised nobody mentioned Excella yet, her ass is practically sagging in that dress. >__>
#66cyan1001Posted 11/21/2013 4:04:33 PM
Claire Redfield
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No Jill option...
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DestinyKnot posted...
I'm surprised nobody mentioned Excella yet, her ass is practically sagging in that dress. >__>

She's too much of a slut, IMO. She's basically a lady that thinks she's hot, as opposed to being hot, so she's not.
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DestinyKnot posted...
Chris has the beefiest butt, I just want to sink my teeth into. >=]

No comment.