Look action adventure isn't working so lets go back to the classics

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riddlebox89 posted...
And no, Code Veronica was never meant to be RE3 as it was always planned to be a non-numbered title.

Actually, Code: VERONICA was intended to be the 3rd game, while Nemesis was meant to be a non-numbered spin-off.

Code: VERONICA began development as "Bio Hazard 3", while RE3 was referred to as "Bio Hazard Gaiden" or "Bio Hazard 1.9".

RE3 became "3", due to the general manager wanting numbering consistency amongst the PlayStation releases.
It's also his intention to call it "3", because he thought it would sell better than "Gaiden".
Shinji Mikami preferred if it was called "1.9".

Also, Resident Evil 3 was developed by a different team, which explains introduction of features like quick-turn, timed dodge, ammo creation and stairs having different physics.
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Oh so all the enemies running around trying to kill Chris and Sheva have absolutely nothing to do with the story despite them being considered B.O.W.'s and the whole premise behind the Resident Evil franchise was humans fighting against them?

If they're Las Plagas infected, generally no, they don't have to do with the story of 5. They're just used for people coming off of 4.

So did RE2 and RE3,

3 did not. It was just T in that one.


That wasn't a viral agent.

and 6,

I really wish they could have come up with something better since they were using T-Veronica and G combined...

now how exactly is Code Veronica a special little snowflake for doing something all the main games have already done?

I never said that.

Why do people feel the need to bring this argument up when it's not even relevant? Whether they were developed alongside eachother or not doesn't matter, RE3 was released first and, like it or not, was a better game than Code Veronica.

Which is YOUR OPINION. Mine is that 3 is the worst of the classic titles.

And no, Code Veronica was never meant to be RE3 as it was always planned to be a non-numbered title.

It was meant to be three. See the post above me.

See that's exactly the point, Code Veronica tried to make the plot of the series relevant and worth writing home about, and utterly failed at it because nobody gave a damn about the story before, during or after because no Resident Evil has ever had a story worth writing home about.

Considering you have people arguing against you.

Something which nobody cared to know about since the only damn anyone gave about Umbrella was that they made freaky things for them to shoot in the games.

When they mention that Ebola is used in T's production, there are bound to be fans that'll be curious about the story.

Not to mention the fact that the only "origins" that were shown were that Umbrella was started by a bunch of stuck up nose in the air British snobs who lived in a stereotypical evil castle on a stereotypical evil mountain.

Except that only two of the founders were british, one of which actually wanted to help people with the research. Ozwell was the *******. And it also revealed Africa and Progenitor.

That's nothing special that has never been done before.

You're just blatantly ignoring stuff at this point.

Except it's not because the classic PS1 games don't suck, whereas Code Veronica does.

They're the same thing.

RE's 1 through 3 all offered improvements to the gameplay and enemies you fight, Code Veronica succeeded in doing nothing but being a step backwards from RE1 and trying (and failing) to make the plot seem like it's actually relevant.

And now you're just ****in' lying.
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